Thursday, August 9, 2012

The End -- One Last Look

Dearest Everyone, 

I got to listen to the temple today in Cantonese--it was so clear and simple. I loved hearing it in, it FEELS like, now, my "2nd" native tongue. My brain translates all the English into Cantonese all the time, anyway, so to hear something I've heard so many times in the "original" (to me...?) language felt so right and happy. I can't really explain!
Pray for us; I never even guessed how confusing and happy and horrible and sad and hard but good yet stressful and still exciting it'd be, this last month.
Love to you all,
Sister D

The End

These are just a random sampling of all the joy I've felt in HK.

As an end note, I realized just how scary the thought of going back to white-people-land is to me this last Sunday night (headed to the Bishop's house for food! They were SO KIND TO US) when we got on a mini bus (seats just  16 people)--FULL OF CANADIANS! 

They're full time volunteers teaching English and Christianity but just for 5 weeks... and I felt so, so awkward and out of place. It could've been a big family... like 12 white people in the same place, it was so terrifying. 

Blondes EVERYWHERE... SO weird.  They all looked exactly the same.

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